Project by Alejandro Zeledon with Mentorship by Douglas Berger 
When coming up with this project, a social design for good, I knew I wanted to do something for the LGBTQ+ community. I originally chose a unisex clothing line and eventually expanded into a lifestyle brand. The reason I chose a unisex brand though was to combat the intense gender dysphoria that people get when shopping for and trying on clothes. For some there’s an internal desire to be perceived as masculine some days and feminine others, for other people there’s a desire to present one way but a fear of reactions from their peers and/or their families keeps them from doing so. I wanted to create a safe space that young LGBTQ+ people could go to shop in comfort without necessarily outing themselves to the people around them. 
Brand Guidelines (Mockup)
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Shirt Tags & Mockups
Clothing Tag & Tote Bag Mockups
Magazine Ad & Mockup
Sign & Storefront Mockup
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